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Subject: [Peoples War] Palestine: PFLP Suspends Membership in PLO

PFLP Suspends Membership in PLO
Xinhuanet 2002-02-02 23:43:45
   GAZA, February 2 (Xinhuanet) -- The Popular Front for the
Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) announced on Saturday that it
suspended its membership in the executive committee of the
Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) until the Palestinian
National Authority (PNA) release its secretary general Ahmed

   A PFLP statement sent to Xinhua said that the decision of
suspension was made after the PNA, arrested Saadat and put him into
the Palestinian jail three weeks ago, failed to release the PFLP
leader despite its attempts and interventions.

   "Therefore we believe that the decision to arrest Saadat was
political, and the PFLP decided to suspend its membership into the
PLO executive committee until Saadat is released," said the

   The PNA security forces arrested Saadat on January 15 in the
West Bank town of Ramallah after pressure practiced on PNA Chairman
Yasser Arafat by Israel and the United States to arrest Saadat.

   The pressure also was to make the PNA arrests the assassins of
Israeli far right-wing tourism minister Rehavam Ze'evi that was
killed in October by PFLP militants in a hotel in Jerusalem in
revenge for assassinating the PFLP Secretary General Abu Ali
Mustafa in August. 

   The PNA security forces said that Saadat, who was believed to be
behind the assassination of Ze'evi, would be kept in jail until he
reveals the hiding place of the two assassins of Ze'evi.

   The PFLP is the second Palestinian faction member of the PLO
after the Palestinian mainstream Fatah movement that is chaired by
Arafat. Arafat is also the chairman of the PLO executive committee.

   "The PFLP gave chance to all the previous faithful efforts to
release Saadat. But now after the PNA refuses to release him, we
decided to suspend our membership in the PLO until Saadat is
released," added the statement.

   The PFLP is a left-wing party among the PLO and opposed the Oslo
peace agreements that were signed between Israel and the
Palestinians in 1993. It vowed to continue armed struggle until
Israeli occupation of Gaza and the West bank ends.


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