From: Communist Party of Turkey, Tue, 29 Jan 2002
Communist Party of Turkey

STATEMENT BY THE "LEFT COUNCIL" (Sol Meclis) 2002-01-27

The 3rd Convention of the Left Council (Sol Meclis) on January 26 - 27, 
2002, has analysed the recent developments since the second meeting on 
October 27 -28, 2001, and has decided to make the following statement to the 
"1) It is all as usual on the economic front of Turkish capitalism. The 
system has nothing to offer the majority of the people, the great masses 
other than increasing poverty. On the other hand, there seems to be no 
glimmer of hope for an economy predicted to be able to retain its size of 
two years ago no sooner than two years later, an economy which continues to 
transfer its resources abroad in the name of obtaining foreign resources, an 
economy in which the creation of domestic resources is synonymous of 
deducting its people's means of subsistence, and an economy which is 
inseparably integrated into the world capitalist system which itself is 
currently in recessive condition.  Ahead of us, our people and those 
intellectuals in the service of our people, are issues which must be 
thoroughly dealt with, such as the rendering of the Turkish financial system 
completely dependent on foreign capital via the new "stand-by" agreement to 
be signed with the IMF, the new banking law and similar rearrangements, the 
implementation of new fiscal policies and taxes in favour of the 
bourgeoisie, and the programme for plunder under the cover of 
"reconstructing agriculture."
2) On the Cyprus issue, the permanent topic of Turkish foreign politics, it 
is observed that EU and US imperialisms have been carrying out their 
"solution". This process has also revealed that Denktas, the man whom the 
opposition on the island believed to be the antagonist of solutions, was not 
an "independent" actor after all. And it is not at all suprising that the 
solution of EU accession can be realised while conserving and sustaining the 
Denktas administration. The solution launched is one in which Cyprus is 
integrated into the EU, Turkish and Greek military bases are replaced by 
those of NATO, and a pseudo-union is established while former hostilities 
persist. It is the duty of all progressive forces of Cyprus, Turkey and 
Greece to declare that "this solution is not ours".
3) The bargain the Turkish Prime Minister Ecevit made on his US visit last 
week had two objectives regarding the Iraqi issue: The prevention of an 
establishment of a Kurdish state in northern Iraq, and to gain economic 
advantage from a possible intervention. As soon as these demands are 
satisfied and the form of cooperation is decided upon, the discussion will 
be over. The Left Council calls upon our people, our intelligentsia to 
oppose such a war which will bring us and neighbouring peoples nothing but 
death and destruction.
4) The Left Council condemns US-led Israel's policy of violence and 
destruction directed against the Palestinian people.
5) The recent developments have shown that the Turkish ruling classes are 
extremely dependent upon the imperialist system not only economically but 
also in ideological and political aspects.  In short, in addition to the 
economic decline, the system cannot offer a political solution to the 
interest of the people. This statement is no doubt equally valid for the 
Kurdish working classes. The interests of the Turkish and Kurdish working 
classes are tied; their interests require that they organise and struggle on 
all fronts as partners.
6) The year 2002 is the 100th anniversary of the birth of our great poet 
Nazim Hikmet. It is absolutely natural for every world citizen and the 
citizens of Turkey to enjoy different flavours from his works. But Hikmet's 
poetry cannot be separated from his Communist identity or from his political 
actions. The endeavour to convert Nazim Hikmet into a marketable fetish and 
the hypocritical campaigns for Nazim Hikmet should be confronted. Everybody 
knows who he is, Nazim Hikmet, the communist poet. The Left Council, 
commemorates Nazim Hikmet's great works and deeds with high esteem."

Left Council was formed by some prominent intellectuals, politicians and 
trade-union activists after a call  by the Communist Party of Turkey in 
2001. The members of the Council meet regularly to discuss the theoretical, 
political and ideological problems of the Turkish left. Among the 40 members 
of the Council are; Attila Asut (journalist, former member of CC of the 
Communist Party of Turkey in late 70's), Cemal Kıral (former member of CC of 
the Communist Party of Turkey in late 70's and 80's), Emin Karaca (writer), 
Haluk Gerger (writer), Haluk Yurtsever (former member of CC of the Communist 
Party of Turkey in late 70's), Izzettin Onder (economist-academician), Kemal 
Okuyan (General Secretary of the Communist Party of Turkey), Mesut Odman
(writer, Secretary of Nazim Culture House), Metin Culhaoglu (editor of the 
journal "Socialist Policy", former Executive Committee member of ODP), Rasih 
Nuri İleri (writer, one of the former leaders of the Communist Party of 
Turkey and The United the Communist Party of Turkey), former Tevfik Cavdar 
(economist, former Vice-President of the SODEP-the social democrat party), 
İzzettin Onder (economist-academician), Yusuf Ziya Bahadinli (writer, former 

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