The Internet Anti-Fascist: Tuesday, 5 February 2002
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Web Sites of Interest:
    01) GIRCA: Gypsy International Recognition and COmpensation Action
Fascism In the News
    02) Jonathan Fowler (AP), "Gypsies Sue IBM in Switzerland," 31 Jan 02
    03) Tony Czuczka (AP), "Marking Holocaust Day, German Jewish leader says
        neo-Nazis as dangerous as terrorists," 25 Jan 02
    04) Reuters, "Nazi Leader's Grandson Fined Over Online Quotes," 24 Jan
    05) Cable street Beat -- Strictly Antifascist, "A little trip to the
        fascist march in Bielefeld," 3 Feb 02
    06) AP, "Germans Protest War Crimes Exhibit," 3 Feb 02
    07) David Crossland (Reuters), "Murder Throws Spotlight on Rise in
        Satanism," 31 Jan 02
Book/Movie Reviews:
    08) Raffaella Malaguti (Reuters), "TV Drama Honors Italian Fascist Who
        Saved Jews," 27 Jan 02
Contra Pierce:
    09) William Pierce: Fascist-Driven Lawlessness



01) GIRCA: Gypsy International Recognition and COmpensation Action

"The GIRCA Association was founded in December 2000 in Geneva (Switzerland)
in order to organise actions aiming at making recognise Gypsy communities'
rights and to get more specifically indemnification for the damages from
the destruction of more than 600'000 Gypsies by the Nazis (1933-1945).

"GIRCA is headed by May Bittel. Aged of 50 years, a protestant priest, May
Bittel is for more than 25 years an activist for the Gypsy cause, in
Switzerland as abroad. He is the symbol of the fight for recognition of the
Swiss Gypsy rights. A member of the Swiss Foundation "Assurer l'avenir des
Gens du Voyage", of the Swiss Commission against Racism, unavoidable
respondent of the Swiss authorities, he has kept his convictions alive and
all his independence, that he shows in numerous TV, radio and newspaper



02) Gypsies Sue IBM in Switzerland
     Jonathan Fowler (AP)
     31 Jan 02

GENEVA -- Gypsy campaigners who allege IBM expertise helped the Nazis
commit mass murder more efficiently filed a lawsuit in Switzerland on
Thursday seeking "moral reparation" and tens of thousands of dollars in

Gypsy International Recognition and Compensation Action is suing IBM on
behalf of four Gypsies from Germany and France and one Polish-born Swedish
Gypsy, said May Bittel, the head of the Geneva-based group. All five
plaintiffs were orphaned in the Holocaust.

The Gypsy campaigners - who use the name Roma for their community - began
planning the lawsuit after U.S. author Edwin Black claimed in a book
published last February that IBM punch-card machines enabled the Nazis to
make their killing operations more efficient.

An IBM Europe spokesman in Paris, Ian Colley, told The Associated Press
said he could not comment on the lawsuit because the company had not
received a copy.

IBM has said its German subsidiary, Deutsche Hollerith Maschinen GmbH, was
taken over by the Nazis before World War II, like other companies operating
in Germany.

"The fact that the Hollerith machines were used by the Nazis has been known
for many years - but we have very little information about what happened,"
Colley said. He said IBM "abhors the Nazi atrocities."

The lawsuit was filed in Geneva because IBM's wartime European headquarters
were in the city. "Swiss law is clear - selling goods and services destined
to be used in a crime is itself criminal," Bittel said.

The plaintiffs are seeking $20,000 each in damages from IBM. Bittel said
the suit was "based on moral reparation" and that he expected more
Holocaust survivors to join the suit.

"Our aim is to achieve recognition of IBM's complicity in crimes against
humanity," he said.

According to Black's book, the punch-card machines were used to codify
information about people sent to concentration camps. The number 12
represented a Gypsy inmate, while Jews were recorded with the number 8. The
code D4 meant a prisoner had been killed.

IBM's German division has paid into Germany's government-industry
initiative to compensate people forced to work for the Nazis during the
war. The German parliament cleared the way last May for payments to begin
from the $4.6 billion fund. Gypsies are one of the groups covered.

Last April, a class action lawsuit against IBM in New York was dropped
after lawyers said they feared it would slow down payments from the German
Holocaust fund. German companies had sought freedom from legal actions
before committing to the fund.

- - - - -

03) Marking Holocaust Day, German Jewish leader says neo-Nazis as dangerous
        as terrorists
     Tony Czuczka (AP)
     25 Jan 02

BERLIN -- Germany must devote as much attention to combating its burgeoning
neo-Nazi scene as it is to helping in the war on terrorism, the head of the
country's Jewish community said Friday in a speech opening Holocaust Day

Paul Spiegel renewed appeals for Germans to stand up to neo-Nazis in
everyday life and expressing dismay about a surge of neo-Nazi "hate pages"
on the Internet.

"Germany is not an anti-Semitic, extreme-right country," Spiegel said in a
speech in Hanover. "But it also must not become one. It must avoid even the

Germany introduced Holocaust Day in 1996, saying future generations must
not be allowed to forget the Nazi genocide. The official date is Sunday,
the anniversary of the Jan. 27, 1945 liberation of Auschwitz by the Red
Army. An estimated 1.5 million people, most of them Jews, died at the Nazi
death camp in then German-occupied Poland.

Fighting neo-Nazism reached the top of Germany's political agenda in 2000
after a series of attacks on foreigners and Jewish immigrants. Far-right
crime hit a postwar high that year, but attention has since shifted to
Germany's ailing economy and the global response to the Sept. 11 attacks on
the United States.

Spiegel insisted Germans must defend their postwar democracy not only
against terrorists, but also against the far right.

"Neo-Nazis and rightist extremists are not only a danger for minorities in
this country," he said. "They are also a threat to democracy — no less than
terrorism is."

Just this week, Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's government suffered a
setback in its drive to outlaw the far-right National Democratic Party,
which officials accuse of spreading Nazi ideology and fomenting attacks on

Launched as a high-profile response to the wave of violence in 2000, the
effort was stalled by the supreme court after it emerged that a party
official whose neo-Nazi statements were cited in the government's case once
collaborated with the country's domestic security service.

The government still hopes the court will outlaw the party before Sept. 22
parliamentary elections.

Holocaust Day events are planned across Germany Sunday, including a
ceremony at the former Sachsenhausen camp outside Berlin to commemorate
more than 10,000 Soviet prisoners of war killed there by the Nazi SS in

Officials at the Sachsenhausen memorial site say the industrial-style
killing methods used then by the SS "represent a bridge to the murder of
the European Jews."

Holocaust exhibition openings, benefit concerts, discussion forums
involving members of Germany's Jewish community and ceremonies at other
former concentration camps are also planned.

- - - - -

04) Nazi Leader's Grandson Fined Over Online Quotes
     24 Jan 02

MUNICH -- A grandson of Adolf Hitler's deputy Rudolf Hess was fined for
public incitement on Thursday after putting remarks by Hess on the

Hess was quoted as saying there were no gas chambers in Dachau
concentration camp near Munich during the Second World War and that the
Americans installed them afterwards to scare tourists, Munich district
court said.

Wolf Andreas Hess, a 23-year-old student, had only been trying to assemble
historical documentation about his grandfather, the defense counsel said.

The counsel said Hess was not trying to incite anyone, adding that he had
paid attention in his history lessons and knew there was a Holocaust.

Hess was fined $1,184.

Beyond his grave in his Bavarian home town of Wunsiedel, Rudolf Hess
remains a source of fascination for Germany's small band of neo-Nazis who
regard him as a martyr and believe he was murdered by his British captors.

Hitler dictated his book "Mein Kampf" to Hess while in prison in 1923-24.

Hess fell into Allied hands in 1941 after parachuting into Scotland in an
apparent personal bid to broker peace with Britain.

He was tried as a war criminal and sentenced to life imprisonment. He was
found dead in Berlin's Spandau prison in 1987 at the age of 93 after
spending 46 years in jail.

- - - - -

05) A little trip to the fascist march in Bielefeld
     Cable street Beat -- Strictly Antifascist
     3 Feb 02

Welcome to the real world, fascist arseholes. Yesterday, Saturday the
second of February, some CSB-Skins and antifascist friends gave some
fascist bastards the chance to get a little impression of the real skinhead
world. The fascists planned a big demonstration in Bielefeld, and we
decided to visit them. The day began very funny. Some of us wanted to buy
cigarettes at a petrol station, that happened to be a meeting point for
countryside fascists, who, seeing real skins, flew at once as fast as they
could. Other ones could be convinced, not to visit the fascist march
without having used any aggression! We just talked to them, but they didn`t
believe us. Somehow these patriotic heroes thought, they would have to die
in the very near future, so they took a little piss without having taken
off their camouflage trousers. Too much fear, no courage, they look for
easy victims, but they canīt stand being confronted with the consequences
of their deeds. Ok, we were a bit disappointed and decided, to visit the
fascist march. Possibly there was enough fascist scum, that felt strong
enough, not to run away. Ok, we were 15 persons and passed the police
barricades without complications, so we accompanied estimately 4-500
boneheads, many of them from abroad. We thought, we should tell them a bit
about skinhead culture, so we began to shout things like: "Real skins hate
Nazis" or "Brown as shit, stupid as bread, today a nazi- tomorrow dead"...
the boneheads were surprised and impressed, but again these strong and
proud heroes didn`t aggress us, although there were only 50 cops, who
couldn`t have stopped any kind of aggression. The cops didn`t understand
anything, and after a while, they asked us friendly to leave the place.
Being treated so polite, we went away to meet some other antifascist
comrades behind the police barreer. On the way, we met several fascists,
who looked for their demonstration and asked us for the way. The friendly
persons we are, we showed them the correct way to their party, and even
achieved a higher "march-speed" on their side. As far as we know, being in
time is very important for fascists. They seemed to be pleased, but they
didn`t say "thank you", otherwise, maybe we just couldn`t hear that,
because they were too fast, trying to reach their police friends.

OK, we accompanied the Antifa demonstration then, where we met the other
group of CSB, that represented us in the antifa-demonstration with our
symbols and leaflets. After that we altogether took part in little fun
games with police and other fascists. We saw the fascists learn some things
about antifascism, democracy, solidarity and courage that day. There were
10.000 male and female antifascists out on the streets, unionists,
communists, socialists, immigrant kids, and so on, 1000 fascists, and 2000
policemen and -women to protect them from us. They had to leave the town
with a special train, because they could not use any street outside the
police protected area. Many antifascists even invaded this area, and it
rained bottles for the fascist scum. Results of the day: Antifascist
movement 3: Fascist scum: 0.

The fascists want to try this again, because they did not really like the
way it went yesterday. OK then, we will be prepared, Cable Street Beat will
be there again as apart of the antifascist movement. If you are interested
in having some fun, you know how to contact us! Cheers and OI, keep the
faith, and "real skins hate nazis"

- - - - -

06) Germans Protest War Crimes Exhibit
     3 Feb 02

BERLIN -- About 1,700 supporters of a far-right party the German government
is trying to outlaw protested in the western city of Bielefeld on Saturday
against an exhibition on Nazi-era crimes committed by the German army,
police said.

Police deployed 2,000 officers for the march organized by the National
Democratic Party, or NPD, which was allowed to proceed on condition the
demonstrators stay out of the city center and after two planned speakers
were banned.

Three people believed to have been among some 8,000 left-wing counter-
demonstrators were arrested after throwing bottles and stones at police,
putting up barricades and damaging a police car, police said.

One NPD supporter who had the symbol of the Nazi SS tattooed on his head
also was arrested. Display of the symbol is illegal in Germany.

In December, an estimated 3,300 people participated in a march organized by
the NPD against the war crimes exhibition in Berlin.

The exhibit - which shows how regular German troops, not just the Nazi SS
or special commandos, were involved in wartime atrocities against Jews,
civilians and prisoners of war - reopened in the capital late last year
after a two-year pause. It was extensively overhauled after historians
complained that the original was inaccurate and superficial, though they
supported its premise.

Last month, Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's government suffered a setback in
its drive to have the country's supreme court outlaw the NPD, which
officials blame for encouraging a big increase in hate crimes in 2000.

Launched as a high-profile response to that rise in violence, the effort
was stalled by the court after it emerged that a party official whose neo-
Nazi statements were cited in the government's case once collaborated with
the country's domestic security service. The government has said it will
press ahead with the case.

- - - - -

07) Murder Throws Spotlight on Rise in Satanism
     David Crossland (Reuters)
     31 Jan 02

BOCHUM, Germany -- A bizarre murder by two Devil worshippers has
highlighted a rise in Satanism in Germany, where one expert estimates there
are up to 7,000 followers, many of them also adhering to Nazi ideology.

Daniel and Manuela Ruda, a married couple who were being sentenced on
Thursday, confessed to killing a friend with a hammer and 66 knife stabs
last July, saying the Devil had ordered them to kill.

Both have severe psychological disorders, psychiatrists told the court in
the western town of Bochum.

Accounts of Manuela's bloodsucking habit and the ritual in which she and
her husband killed their victim -- carving a pentagram, the sign of the
devil, into his chest and leaving a scalpel protruding from his stomach --
have fascinated Germany and focused attention on Satanism.

"If you study Internet chat pages you can see that the Rudas enjoy cult
status with kids," said Ingolf Christiansen, author of a book on Satanism
and commissioner for ideological issues at the Lutheran Protestant Church
in Hanover.

Christiansen said Satanism was more widespread in Britain and the United
States than in Germany, where he estimates there are between 3,000 and

"That's a conservative estimate. I see a rising tendency. The Internet is
helping to spread it. It is driven by increasing brutalization in all areas
and a corresponding loss of values."

Satanism -- which has no official structure and means different things to
different people -- typically involves worshipping Satan, the Devil, and a
travesty of Christian practices and symbols.

Many adherents see it as a form of social Darwinism rejecting religious
norms and promoting the right of the strong to dominate the weak.

Its practice often involves ceremonies with sex and sacrifice to tap dark
primal forces. Most Satanists reject moral codes, saying an individual must
determine what is good or bad.

Modern forms of Satanism draw on a host of traditions, from ancient
Egyptian mythology to Celtic cults and Haitian Voodoo.



08) TV Drama Honors Italian Fascist Who Saved Jews
     Raffaella Malaguti (Reuters)
     27 Jan 02

ROME -- The story of an Italian Fascist who saved over 5,000 Jews from the
Holocaust might sound like a far-fetched Hollywood plot, but it really
happened and Italy is about to celebrate it in a two-episode television

Forgotten for four decades at home and abroad, the strange story of Giorgio
Perlasca emerged only in 1987 thanks to the Hungarian Jews he saved from
deportation disguised as a consul.

Perlasca died at 82 in 1992, just in time to receive long-overdue honors
from Hungary and Israel. Ironically, Italy was the last country to honor

But now the televised version of Perlasca's dangerous months concealed as a
Spanish diplomat in Budapest will be part of events to mark this year's
Holocaust Memorial Day on January 27.

The drama was screened in parliament earlier this week and watched by
members of Italy's center-right government including post-Fascist deputy
prime minister Gianfranco Fini and Lower House speaker Pierferdinando

It provided food for thought in Italy, where the Fascist regime of Benito
Mussolini deported thousands of Jews.

"This film...re-unites us...with the Jewish population which was badly hit
in World War Two and also unites us Italians, divided during Fascism and
now united again in the memory of those moments," Casini said.

Perlasca never found anything odd in the fact that he -- an early supporter
of Fascism who fought with nationalist troops in the Spanish civil war --
risked his life to save Jews.

"I could not bear the sight of people being branded like animals. I could
not bear seeing children being killed," Perlasca told the Italian
journalist who first told his story a decade ago in a book called "The
Banality of Goodness."

"That's all there was to it. I don't think I was a hero. At the end of the
day, I had an opportunity and I seized it. We have a saying here:
'opportunities make a man a thief', well, they made something else out of
me," he said.


In 1944 Budapest, no one who met the Spanish consul "Jorge" Perlasca had
realized he was neither Spanish nor a diplomat and in reality bore the all-
Italian name of Giorgio.

In fact he was a meat trader who was under the protection of the Spanish
embassy when the real ambassador left the country.

Seeing his chance to help, he appointed himself consul and with the aid of
embassy staff ran a protection program for Jews, organizing safe houses on
territory protected by the Spanish embassy and providing food and false

Described as an elegant man with perfect command of Spanish, Perlasca
fooled everyone, even the Hungarian foreign minister.

When the author, Enrico Deaglio, "discovered" him, Perlasca did not have a
phone and led a modest life in northern Italy.

Perlasca said in those days he often met famous Swedish diplomat Raoul
Wallenberg, who helped tens of thousands of Jews escape Nazi death camps by
giving them Swedish passports.

But while Wallenberg's story was internationally renowned, when Perlasca
returned to Italy, no one, not even his wife believed him. So he simply put
his story to rest.

Some, including Deaglio, say Perlasca's tale was ignored because in a
postwar Italy trying to deal with its Fascist past, forgetting was easier
than remembering.

"There was a great desire to forget and not much desire to draw
comparisons. If a modest man -- alone and without a solid political
representation -- had managed to carry out those deeds, why then hadn't
others done the same ?" Deaglio wrote.

The television drama, called "Perlasca," will be aired by state-owned
network RAI on January 28 and 29.



09) William Pierce: Fascist-Driven Lawlessness

In his essay "Media-Driven Law"* William Pierce, terror-fuhrer of the
National Alliance, "sums up" his views on freedom of speech and how that
freedom is a barrier to the society he wishes to create. He wants to "drag
the filthy creatures controlling the mass media of news and entertainment
out of their offices and drive stakes through their hearts...."

The targets, the victims of Pierce's terrorism are, however, presented as
those "whose goal has been to use our system to take away what remains of
our freedom, then to enslave us and plunder our civilization, and
eventually to destroy us."

Chief among these are "certain pathologies" like homosexuality and feminism
at one time not even "tolerated."

Pierce sees this as a tactic of "divide and rule."

Who is being divided? Who is doing the division?

Fascists like Pierce have a sexual agenda as seen by his concerns over
feminism. Their ideal society is not one of broad republicanism but one
*they* want divided by things like race, gender, sexual preference,
religion, religious doctrine, and politics.

Pierce and his followers want a society run first in the interest of the
roughly 75% of U.S. citizens who are "white." Within this 75% Pierce
doesn't want any feminists pushing their agenda of gender equality. So
let's reduce Pierce's future undivided society to the 49$ or 75% who are
male. But if we consider Kinsey's studies on male sexuality we discover
that almost 50% of males have had at least one homosexual experience.
Pierce's society is now down to half of 49% of 75%. Perhaps ... only
perhaps ... one quarter of the remaining men could pass some religious test
of denomination and practice that Pierce's allies demand.

This leaves Pierce about 16% of the U.S. populace that is not to be

In reality it is Pierce and the fascists who divide society, who trample on
rights whenever given the power to do so, and who openly proclaim their
desire to trample on even more.

Pierce knows his supporters are far too few to ever rule democratically.
That and only that forms the basis for Pierce's declared need to eliminate
legal rights as he would physically eliminate his opponents. Such is the
only way that Pierce's idealized 16% could possibly rule; alleged
conspiracies by the remaining 84% have nothing to do with it.

Remember that Pierce does not come from the unimportant and uneducated
lunatic wing of U.S. politics; he comes from the important and educated
lunatic wing.

- - - - -

* Radio broadcast, 2 February 2002


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