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Subject: CP of Greece, A. Paparigha: NO to War in Iraq - Solidarity with Palestine
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     CP of Greece, A. Paparigha: NO to War in Iraq - Solidarity with
          From: Communist Party of Greece, sat, 21 Sept, 2002
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  Excerpts from the speech of Aleka Paparigha, GS of the CC of the CPG
                   at the 28th Festival KNE-Odigitis.

Addressing the thousands of visitors, she spoke in detail of the
genocide of the Palestinians by Israel and of the war on Iraq being
prepared by the USA. She called on young men and women as well as on
people of all ages to strengthen the movement of solidarity with the
struggling people of Palestine and the demonstrations and protests of
the mass movement against the new war, just as they did against the war
on Yugoslavia. She stressed that:

«Today whoever wishes neither to support nor to show indifference to an
attack on Iraq should declare resoundingly that the Greek government
must not make any of the US-NATO installations, nor any armed forces or
facilities, available in this dirty war».

«Everything shows that the die has been cast. A fresh round of war on
the people of Iraq is being prepared for intensively, with alternating
pretexts and abundant hypocrisy.

A new criminal raid is under way in Ramallah, the Gaza Strip and other
Palestinian territories which are under continuous occupation not just
in the areas claimed, but also in those that have supposedly been handed
over to Palestinian control.

The government of Israel claims that it is carrying out this offensive
to defend itself against suicide operations, while in reality it wants
to destroy the Palestinian Authority itself. Actual events show this. In
the six weeks that passed without suicide attacks, the Israeli army
killed 71 Palestinians, one of whom was a ten year-old child. The spiral
of bloodshed will not stop as long as the Palestinians do not acquire
their own independent state. We cannot and must not allow the plans for
the humiliation and subjugation of this people to be pushed through.

Heading the campaign being prepared against Iraq floats the black banner
of the US crusade with its motto against the common threat of
«terrorism» and for the «deterrent strike».

Never before in the last ten years has there been such a reaction and to
such a degree from various sides and for different reasons to
preparations for war. Many, such as European and Arab governments, fear
it, while monopoly groups are thinking mainly of their investments and
of competition. Those who sincerely do not want it are the peoples, not
just because they understand that it is the Iraqi people that will pay
the price,  but because they realise that there will be a continuation,
that it will be followed by other such imperialist operations.

But this war is, nonetheless, being prepared methodically and everything
indicates that many of those who exorcise it now will legitimise it».

The stance of the EU

The General Secretary of the CC of the CP of Greece stressed, «How has
the USA managed to have everyone - both allies and opponents - under its
thumb? How can a state, even the most powerful one on earth, impose its
will on the majority of the others? How is it possible for all of them
to follow the criminal choices made by just one?

Is it not the weakness of the many compared to the power of the one
which led us to the tragic wars on Yugoslavia and Afghanistan ?

If all those who refuse or hesitate today wanted to, they could stop it.
This time they can isolate the USA and leave it alone with Great

Then why do they do this ?

Because to date they have given a helping hand to successive moves made
by the USA. That which is driving the USA  into this outrageous
offensive and driving its allies into  helping it is something much
deeper and far more substantial: it is the very warlike, militaristic
nature of the capitalist system at the stage of imperialism. Using
weapons they open the way for capital. Using weapons they settle their
rivalries when other means do not suffice.

Most governments, including the Greek government, are falling in with
the criminal plans for the so-called fight against terrorism because
they are more afraid of the peoples than they are of the USA. The will
to crush peoples and movements prevails. They seek to involve the
peoples of their countries in the game of competition and the fight over
petroleum markets and not just this.

What did the EU and the other governments of strong and independent
countries do when the US administration withdrew from the ABM Treaty?
And when it threw all the anti-missile and anti-nuclear agreements that
had been reached with the USSR in the trash basket?

What did the European governments, including the Greek government, do
when the USA announced its campaign against terrorism after the
terrorist attacks of September 11th?

They also seized the opportunity to announce a crusade to crush
terrorism, in reality a war on radical, left and communist ideas, using
terrorism as a pretext and vehicle. They are seeking to incriminate
historic movements in our country, the struggle of the National
Resistance and the Democratic Army of Greece and the fight against the
dictatorship, but also the daily struggles of the people over the
serious economic and democratic problems.

They have passed unprecedented guidelines and laws in order to put a
brake on popular movements and deflect them. They are seeking to turn a
part of the public into informers and stool pigeons for the sake of
national security and order.

Here the words of the great poet Odysseus Elytis would apply: «when you
hear the word 'order', it smells of human flesh».

The globalisation of state terrorism against the peoples: that is the
true content of the present campaign.

Every party should take a position

Speaking of the stance which the Greek people should maintain, Aleka
Paparigha underscored that «Now we are all more mature, experienced and
stronger than we were at the beginning of the nineties when the Gulf
Waear took place. We must react and we shall. The Greek people must
stand up to its full stature as it did during the dirty war unleashed on
Yugoslavia. We must continue and connect this struggle with our
solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Now in a more mass, dynamic and unifying way we must send out the
message everywhere:

The Greek people is called upon to voice this resounding NO, with
mobilisations, mass political activities and demonstrations of

And we have additional reasons. The war would be waged in our region.
Greece would be used as a springboard and beachhead. The consequences,
both immediate and middle-term, would burden developments in the Aegean
and Cyprus, and this in a period when the Aegean is divided in half by
provocative US and Turkish manoeuvres and violations. In the PASOK
government the US has, unfortunately, found a most willing ally, while
it also uses many of its own mouthpieces here in Greece.

We address ourselves to the government, which bears the first
responsibility, but also to the other parties in parliament:

Abandon the pretexts that the war can be legitimised by the UN, when we
know what the balance of power is and when it is well known that the
only role which the UN is permitted to play is, in the majority of
cases, to cover up barbarity through the Security Council.

If you believe in it, this NO to the war must hold and be valid, not
just until the eve of its outbreak but also afterwards.

Today whoever wishes neither to support nor to show indifference to an
attack on Iraq should declare resoundingly that the Greek government
must not make any of the US-NATO installations available, nor any armed
forces or facilities, in this dirty war.

Otherwise it will all just be a lot of diplomatic talk intended for
domestic consumption, with complicity and connivance (in the war).

Something different from what happened in the cases of Yugoslavia,
Afghanistan, Bosnia and FYROM must be done.



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