On Friday 02 February 2018 12:25:18 Shawn Sörbom wrote:
> Hi,
> My mail to kde.org keeps getting bounced, but I would like to have this on 
> record anyway. I found some issues with Jabber in kopetes build scripts. Im 
> including the patches to fix them.
> find_qjson.diff: Xmpp was missing a required dependency in its build script - 
> I 
> added it.

Seems this patch is not needed anymore. Wrong/old configuration for
QJSON was already removed from kopete git.

> disable-libjingle: Unfortunately fixing the xmpp issue also enabled 
> libjingle, 
> which caused the compiler to error out, so I set the default to disabled.

I'm going to look at this problem. libjingle should build fine.

> XMPP Now builds! Vive open chat protocols!

Pali Rohár

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