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There is an automatic "squelch button" of sorts for the Fund Raiser messages.  
Here's how it works...  As soon as a List member makes a Contribution through 
the Matronics Fund Raiser web site, their email address is automatically added 
to this year's Contributor List and they instantly cease to receive further 
Fund Raiser messages for the rest of the month!  Its just that simple!  :-)

I really do appreciate each and every one of your individual Contributions to 
support the Lists.  It is your support that enables me to upgrade the hardware 
and software that are required to run a List Site such as this one.  It also 
goes to pay for the commercial-grade Internet connection and to pay the huge 
electric bill to keep the computer gear running and the air conditioner powered 
on.  I run all of the Matronics Email List and Forums sites here locally which 
allows me to control and monitor every aspect of the system for the utmost in 
reliably and performance.  Your personal Contribution matters because, when 
combined with other Listers such as yourself, it pays the bills to keep this 
site up and running.  I accept exactly ZERO advertising dollars for the 
Matronics Lists sites.  I can't stand the pop-up ads and all other commercials 
that are so prevalent on the Internet these days and I particularly don't want 
to have it on my Email List sites. 

If you appreciate the ad-free, grass-roots, down-home feel of the Matronics 
Email Lists, please make a Contribution to keep it that way!! 


or, you can send a personal check to the following address:

        Matronics / Matt Dralle
        581 Jeannie Way 
        Livermore, CA 94550

Thank you! 

Matt Dralle 
Matronics Email List Administrator 

[Note that there are certain circumstances where you might still see a 
Contribution related message.  For example, if someone replies to one of the 
messages, when using the List Browse feature, or when accessing List message 
via the Forum.  The system keys on the
given email address and since most of these are anonymous public access 
methods, there is no simple way to filter them.]

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