Since you made it a point to send your diatribe a second time directly to me, I 
assume the intent was to direct the same garbage at me. ?Boy, speaking of drama 
and overreactions?

I believe everything I wrote below was done in a civil, respectful manner, even 
to the point of agreeing that I once felt the same, then explained why I my 
thinking had changed. ?I won't be offended if he ignores my advice. ?Lots of 
people do. ?If you do not wish to benefit from my experience of 40 years of 
flying and building planes and over 1000 hours my KR based at one of the most 
challenging airports in the country, then feel free to skip my posts. ?If you 
don't like what the most experienced KR builders and pilots in existance have 
to say, I would suggest that you may be on the wrong forum. ?

-Jeff Scott
Los Alamos, NM

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> The egos,,,,, the drama,,,,, the over reactions,,,,, the perfectionism,,,,, 
> WOW I am sick, 
> Sincerely,
> Carl Edward Dow
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> I was thinking the same way when I built my KR. ?I flew it 500 hrs with no 
> flaps, belly board, or any other deployable drag. ?What I found over the 
> years is that as I kept improving the plane with incremental drag reductions, 
> the plane was getting more difficult to land. ?I was spending too much time 
> over the runway transitioning from flying to rolling. ?At 500 hours, I did 
> some major renovations to the plane <> to include a 
> significantly larger tail and the addition of flaps. ?To me, it was shocking 
> as to how much easier this plane is to land with some kind of deployable 
> drag. ?I have put another 500 hours on the plane since I added the flaps and 
> have continued with my drag reduction improvements. ?It is really rare that I 
> ever land this plane without flaps now that they are on there.
> I don't think there was much question that I could fly the plane well in it's 
> original configuration. ?(OK, some of you may think I suck as a pilot :o) 
> ?What I discovered after adding flaps and a larger tail is that the plane was 
> much easier to land. ?By making it easier to land, I found that I was much 
> more comfortable landing the plane in more challenging wind conditions. 
> ?Since I could land under more challenging conditions, I was flying the plane 
> a lot more and was very comfortable flying off to other places without having 
> to worry about changing wind conditions at my destination airport or the 
> often times challenging wind conditions getting back into my one way in, one 
> way out, 7000' high on a mesa home airport. ?Adding flaps and a larger tail 
> to my plane simply made my plane so I could use it a more.
> -Jeff Scott
> Los Alamos, NM

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