Nice panel!  Like the Mixture Meter.

Sid Wood
smwood at
Tri-gear KR-2 N6242
Mechanicsville, MD, USA
I towed N891JF it out to the airport late Friday (see ),  by replacing the tailwheel
with the receiver from my Harbor Freight trailer and towing it on the gear.

The panel turned out pretty nicely...see for the final shot of
that.  And like Ray, getting that airplane out of my basement opens up a lot 
space.  I'm also moving all the boxes of airplane support stuff back to the
hangar, so my workshop is getting a whole lot less cluttered in a hurry!  I
foresee a summer of cleaning up and reorganizing my basement, and a dose of
the same for the neglected hangar.  I feel like I'm alive again...

Mark Langford
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