The Mode C veil is not going to go away. Instead, in 2020 you will have an 
additional requirement of either a Mode-S transponder with extended squitter 
and GPS position reporting encoded into the extended squitter (known as 
1090-ES) to replace your Mode-C transponder, or you can have ADS-B Out (978 
UAT) in addition to your Mode-C transponder. You get to pick your poison.

Note: this 2020 requirement only applies with few exceptions to the same areas 
where Mode-C is currently required if you have an electric system equipped 

FWIW, I currently use a Mode-C transponder and ADS-B weather services (FIS-B) 
along with PCAS for traffic avoidance. By the end of this year, I plan to have 
my KR fully equipped with ADS-B traffic in (TIS-B in) and out (TIS-B out) along 
with ADS-B weather (FIS-B), all through my GPS with a 978 UAT to go along with 
my old Mode-C transponder. If you fly around traffic very much, you'll find 
these services to be quite handy.

-Jeff Scott
Los Alamos, NM

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