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Cc: "Oscar Zuniga" <>
Subject: KR> engine update
Larry: I see your problem immediately. Your hangar is too clean for you to get 
any serious work done. I do not see *any* tools on the floor, *no* old gasket 
scraps, dripped oil, pieces of snipped safety wire, errant washers, used and 
bent cotter pins, or any other evidence of actual progress on your engine 
removal and overhaul. I do not see any masking tape with handwritten labels on 
any wires or cables on the firewall, no yellow note-pad with items to remember 
to take care of in reverse order when re-assembling, so it's obvious that 
you'll never get everything put back in the proper place even if you get the 
engine overhauled in the first place. Which is questionable, since the short 
block is not sitting on an old blanket, some old sofa pillows, or a worn-out 
6.00x6 tire. These things are necessary for a proper engine rebuild, so you 
might want to get busy and get your hangar in order.

You need to take a serious look at getting your hangar disorganized so you can 
make measurable progress. And PS, a light coating of spilled Aeroshell 50 with 
about 20 hours on it will help cut the glare from the overhead lights off that 
clean floor. Just sayin'.

Oscar Zuniga

Medford, OR

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