In the US, a DAR inspection is the only FAA inspection required on an Amateur 
Built Aircraft, and is only performed after the aircraft is completed.  All 
other inspections are typically by an EAA Tech Counselor and are strictly 
voluntary... i.e. not required.  Even the Tech Counselor inspections are only 
recommended 3 or 4 times during construction.  It is highly unlikely that the 
Canadian Government would be willing to backtrack and allow you to use what 
they would consider to be uninspected parts such as the box spars, closed out 
wings, or a closed out fuselage.  

-Jeff Scott

Hi All;
I am considering a project in the U.S. that has no documentation whatsoever and 
am wondering about DAR inspections.
I want to import this project into Canada and our inspections require a pre 
cover (before box spars etc,are closed in) .
What I am wondering is if I might find a number or something that shows it was 
done in the U.S .
In Canada each component is stamped or stickered to show it has been done.
The project is fairly complete all spars are closed, wings closed etc.although 
it would still meet 51% requirement here in Canada.
I f I can show the inspections I an import as parts and then continue it.
Any thoughts about this?
Bob R

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