Before my KR-2 airworthiness inspection, I had an A&P do a "practice" inspection. He found a few minor things and I fixed these before he left. He never charged me anything. He just wanted to crawl around a KR-2 for a nostalgia trip. He had built a KR-2 some years ago. I used the Washington FSDO for my KR-2 airworthiness inspection; actually two FSDO inspectors showed up to do the inspection. They each wanted to do the inspection because they had never seen a KR-2 until I sent them the three-view pictures. The DAR happens to be a member of our EAA Chapter. He charges $500 per visit and goes all over the East coast. He tells me what invariably happens is: He finds stuff that the builder has to correct. So, he has to return weeks later for another inspection and finds stuff needing correction that the builder screwed up since his last visit. That needs fixing, so then he has to come back a third time. He complains "Haven't these guys ever heard about 41.13 or Tony Bengalis?"

Sid Wood
Tri-gear KR-2 N6242
Mechanicsville, MD, USA
Sid, are you saying your DAR usually charges $1,500.00 for a sign off?
If so, he seems like he is taking advantage of you guys!!
Larry H

Our EAA Chapter has a member who is also a DAR. He charges $500 per inspection visit and usually takes 3 visits.

Sid Wood


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From: Paul Visk <>
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Finally the Rt.aileron is made. The counter wieght came out really well. ?Once I got the lead melted I poured it into a wooden box that I made in about 2 minutes with my brad nailer. This weight was a little lite. ?So made it a little wider and it came out perfect.?

Paul Visk?Belleville Il.
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