Dear All,
I am very sory to hear about Colin.  I will share some details of my experience 
to help understand Colons;  
I had about 13 5 hours of flight time on my plane when I hard landed.  The day 
before the incident, I flew 2.5 hours of blissful and exhilarating flight, I 
miss my plane!  
The day of the incident I peflighted the plane and took off at around 1115. On 
departure the engine hesitated.  I was past the point of safe landing, so I 
continued to the end of the runway maintaining altitude, airspeed around 80 
mph, and engine at idle.  At the end of the runway I made a tight left hand, 
button hook turn to the runway. Straight ahaed was trees and i didnt want to 
land in the trees.  In the turn i lost airpeed and altitude. I remember 
thinking that I was going to need power to get out of the decent I was in.  I 
don't remember anything else.  There was no damage to the airport property, 
houses, airport fuel farm, fences etc.  
Medics arrived and said that I was contious. I was life flighted to the best 
trauma hospital  where they determined that I had 7 broken ribs, a broken hip, 
2 punctured lungs. I hope to be released in a few days.  I hope this doesn't 
discourage anyone, as soon as I am better I will build again.
Collins airplane looked more in tact than mine.
Good luck Colin!
Joe NunleyBaker Fl N269HJ KR2
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Colin Hales 
So sad,
Again I feel sick in my stomach, 2 kr2 in les than 2weeks. All the best Colin,
glad you are alive. Sorry for the last of your bird.

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> So sad to hear of his misfortune. Appears he has a broken hip. Here is another
> link to view.
> Mark Jones (N886MJ)
> Dunedin, FL
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