KR update, As we say down here in the South. Since the Gathering I've been 
busier than a cat in a sandbox. Everything came due at once. I had to get my 
medical renewed, annual the KR, annual the Cessna 150, get my bi-annual flight 
review and tail wheel endorsement. As some of you already know, I am a self 
taught tailwheel/KR pilot. Since I had to get a biannual anyway, I went looking 
for an instructor that was not only brave enough to ride with me but could also 
sign me off on the tailwheel endorsement. So as of yesterday afternoon I am 
officially a tailwheel endorsed pilot. So glad to have all this behind me and 
looking forward to burning up some gas.

Mike Sylvester
kr2s builder

Cell no.205-966-3854

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