I went to my FAA examiner several months ago as I figured he'd know the
process.  It was in May, within a month after basic med started. Turns out I
was the 2nd for him.  First he handed me the cup for a UA.  I had just gone
before getting to the office, so I asked if it was necessary.  He checked,
said nope, and it was easy sailing from there.  I let my medical lapse half
a year as I went on a pap machine and didn't want to jump through the hoops
the FAA wanted for that; original sleep study and lots of paperwork.  I told
him; he did his due diligence and asked a few questions.  Satisfied the pap
was working fine for me, we had no other issues; no paperwork required.  It
did cost me $125, which is the same he charges for regular FAA medical, but
it was faster and easier than a regular FAA exam.  I too was concerned about
educating my MD.  Of course he had the color charts.  Interesting, I've had
cataract surgery in both eyes since last FAA med.  I've been 20/400+ all my
life.  I thought I was doing the 20/20 line or even 20/40.  He said I missed
one on the 20/15 line!!!  Of course I still need reading glasses, being 71
now, but having distance vision is wonderful.  For flying I get sunglasses
with lower reading insert, and the lower half is clear instead of all
tinted.  Less than $20 at boomers in the know (no affiliation).

Jim McGauhey

Washington State

Just finished building and flying a Zenith CH-650 to AirVenture

Have a KR Super2S part finished as my next project

I'm the old bald guy who video'd Mark's fiberglass seminar at the 2015
Oregon KR gathering; up on youtube.



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