Kayak Chris wrote:

> As to running one vs the other, I always imagined having avgas on one
> tank (or even a third, smaller tank) for takeoff and even landing, and
> autofuel in the other once out of the critical phases.

I could to that in N56ML with three fuel tanks, but never felt the need
when running 93 with ethanol.  In the VW powered KR2 N891JF, I only have
a header tank (booooo!), so I'm stuck with mixing.  The VW seems much
more susceptible to vapor lock, but then it doesn't have fuel
recirculation like 56ML does, so it's not surprising.  I have added an
aux inlet to the header tank (while adding a float gauge) just in case I
get crazy and put another tank in the outer wing like I did the 2S, but
four hours is already too much time to be folded into that seat. When I
first bought the KR2, I swore I wasn't going to do anything to it that
didn't absolutely have to be done to it.  What a fantasy that was.

I do add 4 oz of Marvel Mystery Oil to every 6 gallon can before pouring
it in the KR2 tank.  

Mark Langford, Harvest, AL
ML "at" N56ML.com

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