Glad to have you back among the flying again.

FWIW, JB Weld can be used to successfully fill small voids that create a leak, 
but cracks in the block are usually caused by stresses to the block.  JB Weld 
isn't going to keep the crack from working and spreading, so, at best, is a 
temporary patch.  
-Jeff Scott
Cherokee Village, AR


Subject: Re: KR> Engine Rebuild Completed
I had my case welded inside and out when it was first discovered back in about 
'08. It lasted for a couple years, but eventually mirrored back through the 
welded area. I did the JB weld inside and out over and over with very short 
lived success'. I actually sent a case with Roy (3100 cc needs machine work) 
back in '11 and he had it ready for me in Spring of '12. I did not get out to 
pick it up until spring of '16 and started planning the rebuild at that time. 
It took the oil pressure drop to put my head in the game and geterr done...
So the short answer would be if you are lucky enough to get a crack in your 
block, just tackle it right away. It really is not going to majiclly heal it's 
Joe Horton
N357CJ ... building hours again

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