Thanks Jeff & Jerry.
I disconnected the lines, pumped fresh 5606 through and they ran clean much 
more quickly than I would have guessed.
I popped out the caliper pistons, washed all those parts, lubed it all with 
5606 and installed new O-rings.
Then I flushed the brake cylinders with more 5606, reassembled everything and 
it looks good to go!
Thanks again for the tips.

PS Jerry7S5; you at Independence, OR?

John Bouyea
N5391M/ KR2
OR81/ Hillsboro, OR
2015 KR@MMV Gathering CoHost

... 5606 hydraulic fluid is petroleum based... Definitely avoid Methyl Ethyl 
Ketones (MEK) and anything like lacquer thinner as they break down plastics

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