It worked fine for maybe 20 hours, and it's been crazy ever since. Not crazy in a way that makes any sense....maybe 5% of the time I'd say it's accurate, but most of the time it wanders quickly between the normal 3.8 gph and something like 50 gph!
I'm back to what always works...a paint stirring stick marked in gallons, that I use as a dipstick to know exactly how much fuel I have before takeoff, and exactly home much I land with, and knowing that I normally burn something like 3.5 gph at altitude cruise....

Mark Langford

I've pretty much decided not to spend hundreds of $$$$ and countless hours installing another gadget and go with what has worked for 650 hours, look in the tank and clock the flight hours.  I calculated the dollars I would spend would get me 3000 miles of flying at $5 per gallon of 100LL and I'll have less things to fail / troubleshoot.  A good nap brought things back in to perspective. You only have to calibrate the paint stick once and it's good for a lifetime. :-)

Larry Flesner

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