> "A good nap brought things back in to perspective. You only have to
calibrate the 
paint stick once and it's good for a lifetime. :-)"

But then, what will you do instead of sitting in the cockpit prior to
going for a flight, re-calibrating the fuel flow meter?  Until, (as with
Mark L.) I gave up messing with it, I would often have to sit there in
the cockpit with the master on, re-calibrating the gauge.  I keep the
book on how to do it right at hand in the cockpit as it is not a dirt
simple procedure.  

Fuel flow is just another doo-dad, however it is an additional source of
information that is sometimes of great value when you are trying to
diagnose something that doesn't seem to be working in predictable

It can also be a source of great excitement if you are flying along over
the mountains or deserted sections of country devoid of airports or even
towns.  To suddenly see your fuel flow drop from 3.5 (or whatever the
normal number is) to zero can be something that will really get your head
back in the cockpit immediately!



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