Phil in Australia said, 

> Hard to beat s dip stick.  But check out this flow meter Ebay item


Hey!  There's some interesting gadgets over there!  Great prices too,
although shipping is outrageous.  

The brand name of this eBay unit is "Topargee".  Looking at their website
On Topargee's website I'm seeing that this unit can be had, gauge and
sender unit, for $65 USD - about half of what the eBay seller is selling
it for.   It's switchable between liters and gallons (Imperial gallons?),
runs on batteries, turns itself on when it detects flow and turns off
when flow has stopped.  
This looks like a really interesting gadget.  
I came across a really elegant fuel tank quantity gauge called an
"ultrasonic".  Fits on top of the tank and uses soundwaves to detect
fluid level.  First time I've seen this design anywhere.
The company is oriented towards the marine and RV market but I'm finding
all sorts of potentially useful gauges and sensors that could be applied
toward aviation use.  I'm seeing some neato rocker switches, switch
panels, and just generally a lot of interesting things at good prices. 
Shipping can be a bear however.  Why is shipping from Australia to the US
so ridiculously expensive I wonder?
Anyway, prowl around over there and you'll see what I mean.  
Thanks Phil.    . 
I don't see why people are comparing a fuel flow meter to a dipstick.  As
far as I can see they don't have anything to do with each other.  A fuel
flow gauge gives real-time consumption information.  A dipstick is
basically something to make jokes about.  Hardly useful in the air.  

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