Oh my..  Such deals are always too far away.

The boat is NG.. I see lots of water stains.  Shame.


KR> KR2 project for sale in N. Calif.

Oscar Zuniga taildrags at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 26 00:04:38 EST 2017
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For sale is a very original KR2 project in the "rolling boat" stage. Includes several premolded RR parts, RR hardware kit, wing spars and tail surfaces built but not mounted, VW engine mount. The project is located near Trinidad, CA (north of Eureka/Arcata, home of Lost Coast Brewery and the famed Emerald Triangle). The project was started by Christopher Selvage's father, who passed away, and Chris just wants the project to go to a good home where it might continue on its journey to get into the air in his father's memory.

Pictures and contact information for Chris are on this page at KRNet.org:


Although I took the photos and put up the narrative and contact info for Chris, I don't know much more about the project than what you see on the webpage.

Oscar Zuniga

Medford, OR

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