Chris Gardiner wrote:

> Do you have a link to your VW heater muff on your web site?
> Mine has never been very effective using ram air from the nose bowl . Maybe I 
> need a two stage setup to get more heat?
> Canadian winters are a lot colder than the US south.

I don't have anything on the VW heat muff, but it's the same concept as
what I did on the Corvair....a simple rolled up piece of aluminum with a
piece of 2" aluminum tubing welded to it to connect to the heat muff
(see the photo in the middle of,
with a piece of stainless welding wire rolled into a spring as a spacer.
It's "clamped" by two pieces of safety wire wrapped around top and
bottom to hold it together and in place.

 It's controlled by an off-the-shelf butterfly from Aircraft Spruce,
which is probably on that same page somewhere, mounted to the firewall
and cable operated from the panel.  My VW version is only about 4" long
due to limited straight runs of header pipe, but is still quite
effective.  It's mounted on rear cylinder, pilot's side, so it's a short
piece of SCAT hose away from the firewall, and the outlet is right
between the rudder pedals, which directs warm air very nicely towards
the pilot!

Mark Langford, Harvest, AL
ML "at"

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