My cabin heater is the bottom mount Revmaster oil cooler. I made a shroud that blocks off one third of the oil cooler air exhaust. The shroud has a SCAT tube going to a A/C Spruce 2-inch air flap valve, mounted on the fire wall. The off position vents overboard to the back of the cowl. The variable on position, controlled by a Bowden cable knob in the cockpit, is SCAT ducted through the fire wall and down below the instrument panel. Coldest temperature operated so far was 28 degrees F. This heater arrangement works quite well.

Sid Wood
Tri-gear KR-2 N6242
Mechanicsville, MD, USA

Has anyone considered using the oil cooler for cabin heat? What do you see as Pros and Cons (diminished chance of exhaust fumes, etc.)?

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