This is just what i said Bill Reent's told me happened to him.

When you get flutter, don't pull up. just chop the power, let it bleed
off, he said. Which is what he did. He said the same thing about
things bending in shocking ways.  He said he was pulling out of a
shallow dive at 221MPH, and due to having painted his plane and not
re-balancing the ailerons and elevator for the extra weight of the
paint, he encountered the sever flutter.

Glad you made it through.

>   Robert Gill posted in Rand Robinson KR-2S Aircraft .       Robert Gill 
> January 10 at 3:59pm   Hi  level speed on the prop to 3200 rpm the plane went 
> into severe flutter on the wings at 190Kt so instantly pulled into a climb to 
> reduce speed and at the same time ripped right side aileron off, if I 
> hesitated I swear I would have lost a wing or both,

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