Robert Gill

The plane was built to plans, standard kr2 with AS5046 wing to standard length, 
tail modified to a longer stab by 6" elevator reduced by 4", all controls were 
rebalanced after painting. plane was frequently flown to 180Kt on the old 
engine with now problems at all with no signs of any issues, the plane was 
almost a direct copy of Troy Pettiways to look at and built to the same way 
with incident angles and the plane was beautiful to fly, have now been going 
over the airframe mostly wings with a fine tooth comb to inspect everything to 
find maybe a cause of the failure, have found no evidence of a bird strike, as 
there were bird there at the time, but a witness has told me the saw something  
small fall off the plane just before it happened traveling at the same speed, 
can only assume it was the mass balance as one is missing (from the still 
attached aileron).
So far only solution I can come up with was the shudder that comes from the 
engine around 3100 rpm which is what I was trying to solve, severe enough to 
shake the whole airframe which I think fatigued the mass balance mounting 
causing it to come of sending the aileron into flutter, under 3000rpm engine 
ran smoothly.
up till then had done 8 test flights trying to tune the engine to the 
recommended rpm by changing pitch (Bolly 3 blade 56") on the prop to 
recommended level flight at 3200rpm each time testing at 3200rpm was for 
approx. 5 seconds then was going to re-jet the carb to get the right EGT's as 
all indicators were showing it was running slobbering rich, EGT's high 500 dec 
C should be between 680-720. the 3200 rpm was finally achieved on that flight 
on previous level run, did take a shallow dive to get it to wind up to there 
and then it could hold it constant it was the second run when it happened.

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