Several have mentioned problems with the Ray Allen trim servo LED Stack used as 
a display.  As Mark points out in his email, proper shielding and grounding is 
important to keep the RF from your radio from killing them.  I had one LED 
stack fail.  The whole stack was dead.  If I remember right, Ray Allen said 
they would always repair or replace the LED Stack free of charge as long as it 
was a current production model that failed.  I sent them my old one, and they 
replaced it free of charge.  The replacement has been solid for several years 

I also have an older model MAC trim servo (Mac became Ray Allen) that was 
bought for my KR some 24 years ago and has been in use for 21 years now.  It 
used to be my trim servo, and now serves as my cowl flap position servo.  Never 
a problem with it or its display in all this time.

-Jeff Scott
Los Alamos, NM  

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