Dear KRNetters,
Behind the scenes some of your fellow builders, flyers and dreamers are slowly 
working to organize the Gathering to be held this September in Mount Vernon, 
IL. Typically this task has been handled by one individual at the helm and any 
crew members he could coerce into assisting him. This year several of us 
decided to share the load so no one person carried the whole load. One thing I 
am doing is attempting to arrange for a discount at one or more motels in Mount 
Vernon. I have never stayed at a motel in Mount Vernon so as a starting point I 
would appreciate your input as to the most desired motel there and how many of 
you who plan to stay in a motel. Some real numbers might help in negotiating a 
reduction in cost. 
So if you don't mind please email me directly with your input. Thanks

Also, any of you who have never attended a gathering have really missed out on 
getting to know many great, helpful builders flyers and seeing a real KR2 in 
person. Please get your priorities straight, God, KR2 Gathering, family. Mark 
your calendars, line up your vacation days, re-adjust your winey wife honey 
do's before or after the Gathering Please. This is a few days ONE TIME a year 
all the rest of that stuff can be done the other 361 days of the year. Hope to 
hear some motel reports.
Sign up Soon!!

Larry H

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