My Great Plains 2180 VW has single ignition from a Compufire unit. I use automotive spark plugs and high voltage un-shielded automotive spark wires. The Compufire ignition is rated at 40,000 volts; most magnetos run 15,000 to 20,000 volts. The Compufire will fire the ignition at 0 RPM; just move the prop to the 0-degree point and the unit will fire. Starting is set for 0-degree advance and ramps up to 30-degree advance at WOT. Advance comes from the base of the VW distributor. The Compufire uses the "waste fire system", so a high voltage rotor and distributor is not used. My spark plug gaps are set at 0.050" per the Compufire recommendation. The Compufire uses 0.6 amps at idle and ramps up to 2.6 amps at WOT. Three sources of 12-volt power are engine driven alternator, 17-amp-hour main battery and 7-amp-hour back up battery; transition from each power source is automatic using the PS-2 power control panel. Steve Bennett told me not to use shielded aircraft ignition harness because the insulation would not hold up to the 40,000 volts from the Compufire. I put a large ferrite core at the 12-volt power input and another large ferrite core at the ground return lead on the Compufire unit. I put 2 loops of the wires through each ferrite core. I have no ignition noise on the radio, either transmit or receive, at idle, cruise or WOT. Works good for me. Your results may vary.

Sid Wood
Tri-gear KR-2 N6242
California< MD, USA

I bought the new heads for my Revmaster 2100D engine with the automotive plugs. My engine has the D3000 mags and I need to convert it to auto plug wires. I have searched through the archives and have seen some recommendations about the GP shielded spark plug adaptors. Is this the best way to go or does anyone else have a different route?
Luis R Claudio, Dallas, Texas?

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