Good Job.  Charging systems can be challenging at times.  I dialed my system to 14.2V, but 13.8 should be sufficient.  I am starting to get some funky noise from my charging system that wasn't there when I installed it 2 years ago.  Not quite sure what's up with that.  I have also changed headsets, so this headset may be more sensitive to the various noises in the system.  Who knows?  I guess I'll have to go through the charging system to do some shielding and check connections when I have it down for annual this spring.  Will also be installing a new transponder, so it's not going to be an inexpensive annual.  In the mean time, I've been flying the socks off the planes.  I put 3 hrs on the KR in the previous 2 days, and put an hour on the Cub today (took Larry Howell out for an aireal tour of this area).  Also flew the Cub to breakfast last weekend and flew the KR over to Branson the week before.
Best regards,
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I've had concerns about my voltage regulator since I installed it maybe
100 or so hours ago.  I run an analog gauge so accurate read not really
possible but it always kept the batteries charged with a low amp read. 
I put in a small digital gauge recently and confirmed the low voltage
read, at most about 13.2V in cruise.  I called B&C to confirm the exact
tool I needed to adjust and they indicated a slotted screwdriver. 
Trouble was the adjustment hole was sealed with some kind of crap I
couldn't dig out, hot glue or something.  I decided to exit my recliner
this afternoon and try it again.  I had probably spent 30 minutes in the
past trying to dig the stuff out without success.  Today I removed the
regulator from the firewall to rotate to a better work angle while not
removing any wiring.  Success!  With a dental pick and 20 minutes of
effort the adjusting screw revealed itself.  Book says 1.6 volts per
turn so I cranked in 4 or so turns, not being very accurate, and did a
quick engine run.  Wow, I went way too far. After the engine warmed up I
took it to about 2000 rpm and I was getting 15+ volts and climbing.  Not
wanting to remove the cowl again today, I'll adjust it down on next
airport visit and run with top cowl off to tweak it in to 13.6 or 13.8
volts.  I came home a happy camper as I think I can now forget ordering
the 30 amp unit ($680) and can probably run with landing lights in the
pattern without showing a slight discharge.  I'll keep you posted.

Larry Flesner

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