I went back to the airport today to tweak my voltage regulator. The challenge:  adjusting regulator voltage when the alternator output is rpm dependent and at a constant rpm the buss voltage is load dependent.  With three or four engine starts I think I'm in the sweet spot zone for cruise.  After much thought I settled on buss voltage at near cruise rpm (static on the ground) and all normal electrical loads.  Those include charging the battery, fuel pumps, master solenoid,  electric AH, electric T&B, transponder, radio, intercom, ADS-B in.  I'm looking for 13.9 VDC or close.  From there if the rpm changes the voltage changes, add load the voltage drops, and there lies the challenge but those changes are mostly short in duration and with a good Odyssee PC680 I'm in good shape.   With full electrical load, all the above plus two landing lights and position lights, the voltage came down to the 13 volt level or close.  That is quite a load for a12 amp alternator but adequate for my type of flying.  Even with full load (at cruise) I'm keeping the battery at 100% voltage level of 12.8 volts full charge.  I'll have an update after the next flight, several days out due to weather.

Larry Flesner

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