Hello Guys,
Just wanted to mention something that came up today that everyone should
know.  I bought a new plane power alternator.  You need to remove the gear
from your old one and reuse it on the new alternator (except for bushings -
those are supposed to be new).  Pretty easy to take off and easy to put
back on.
In this case, an A& P friend happened to pass by my hangar just to say Hi.
I told him what I was doing and he stopped me right there.  He had looked
at the new alternator and said that I had to redo it.  There is a cotter
pin that holds the nut down.  Apparently I had bent it the wrong way and it
was cracked and therefore had to be redone.  I have installed a bunch of
cotter pins in my life with never a second thought.  When I was young, I
remember hammering them straight and reusing them.
However, in this case, I had bent the tines sideways (because I did not
want it sticking out farther than the shaft itself.  And by doing it that
way, I had bent it in a way it was not designed for  and thus it had a
small crack. Said it could fall off later in time, and damage the engine.
Pulled it out, put a new one in (bent up with a proper curl) that stuck up
over the shaft itself.
Then I installed the new alternator.
The point here is that there are a lot of little things that can cause you
pain in the future.  Don't think that it's "common knowledge" and keep it
to yourself.  Share these tidbits with everyone.  You never know who knows

For the Gathering - you engine guys - Examples of a properly installed part
versus one done improperly could be a great forum.

New Orleans
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