Hey Guys,
   A year or two ago we had a discussion about inexpensive data loggers to 
record from the stream out of EIS units. I have been working with the Arduino 
as a inexpensive solution and I remember someone else talking about that unit. 
Has anyone actually gotten the information to a card and successfully 
transferred to the computer and able to read in the format intended. So far we 
are recording data to a card which is binary information. We can see the 
repetition of information but it is not translated into usable information by 
the laptop. My son has found a few things in the Arduion that needed fixing and 
is writing a program to translate it to the excel file with all the labels. One 
issue he mentioned yesterday is that the header that the information from Grand 
Rapids says is there does not seem to exist in the stream of information. He 
said he can solve this with offsets but it will apparently take a bit of trail 
and error also. 
  If it seems that I have miss represented anything here it is because I have 
no idea what I am talking about, but I'm trying...
Joe Horton,

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