On 2/12/2018 6:58 AM, Mark Langford via KRnet wrote:
Although I haven't installed an Angle of Attack indicator, I do own two
of them, and from those instructions and others that I've read, the
calibration is pretty much a trial and error affair involving several
Mark Langford

I helped a friend calibrate the AOA on his RV10 with Dynon Skyviews.  When working on office machines for 33 years we called that a "functional" adjustment, adjust it till it works.  As I recall, we did several consecutive stalls and right at the break I'd press the button indicating "that is a stall" so the equipment was "learning as it went" based on our input.  More info is usually better but I'll not quit flying because I don't have an AOA indicator.  My Kr and I are quite comfortable with each other.  Like a woman, you don't want to ask for more than they are willing to give.  The "no, I have a headache" response in flying is called "stall / spin" and is often fatal.

Larry Flesner

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