I built my first panel with aircraft grade plywood and the second with 6061-T6 
Aluminum sheet when I replaced the original a few years ago.  Photos of both 
are at <http://jeffsplanes.com/KR/2013_Panel.html>.  If I had to do another, I 
would use Aluminum again.  Aluminum made for a pretty simple and clean 
installation.  Aircraft Spruce sells a double ended punch that has the two 
primary instrument hole sizes on each end for $160, but somebody in your local 
EAA Chapter should have the punches available to use.  Everything else can be 
done with a die grinder (or Dremel) and a unibit.

Building a panel using foam core is a problem in that the screws will want to 
pull into the panel unless you clean around every screw hole and fill with 
milled fibers or flox.  If I wanted a composite panel (which I have 
considered), I would do a single layup of carbon fiber for the face, then 
laminate the rest with glass, probably 8 - 10 lay ups to make a reasonably 
solid panel.  I need to build a new panel for my SuperCub clone sometime in the 
near future.  Maybe I'll try that method.  Thanks for planting the seed to make 
me think about it. :o)

-Jeff Scott
Cherokee Village, AR


Sent: Monday, February 12, 2018 at 9:22 AM
Cc: "Luis Claudio" <dallasbori...@yahoo.com>

Subject: KR> Instrument Panel KR2S
I am torturing myself with the decision to build the instrument panel out of 
aluminum or do a layup of glass and foam. Can I have your input on what you 
did? I value greatly the inputs and discussions on this forum and its great to 
be able to be knocked back into reality by your comments and suggestion... 
working like the dickens to get this bird flying...
Luis R Claudio, KR2S Dallas, Texas

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