Hi Guys,

The Kitfox folks (and a few other type groups) have a member annotated Google 
Map with really helps connect up for flying or other meet-ups.

Here’s a link to the Kitfox Map:

I think it could be a valuable addition to our KR community resources to make 
suck a map for KR’s.  

I’ve started a KR map - go here:


Add your location and whatever info you want to the map (generally at least 
contact or KR member, and hopefully something about your project or plane.
1) Navigate the map to your location and zoom in tightly.

2) Add your marker to the map using the marker icon (looks like upside down 
drop).  Click on the Marker Icon in the top left menu, then click on the map 
where you want the marker.  You can move the maker if its not where you want it 
just by clicking on it and dragging it to where you want.

3) Add info to the marker.  Add title, then info.  You can add pictures by 
clicking on the camera icon.  Then click “save” button and its added!

4) If you want your can edit the marker once its saved by clicking the pencil 
icon.  Or add pictures, or even delete it using the trash icon.

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