The DAR/FAA would like to see that you have a POH for your plane.  I never had 
one for my KR until a few years ago when I finished the SuperCub and wrote one 
for it, then decided I should do the same for the KR.  It's just a document and 
as Stephen says, you'll want to review and update it periodically, especially 
while you are testing/learning the plane.  I copied the one Rob Schmitt had on 
his web site and graciously allowed me to use as a template, then rewrote it 
for my KR.  You're welcome to  do the same from mine.  
< POH.pdf>  You should be able to easily 
convert the .pdf back to a MSWord document.
The reality is, in planes as simple as the the ones I fly, I keep the 
checklists in my head.  In an emergency situation in a KR, things happen way 
too fast to be trying to read a POH.  But I also find that my head apparently 
leaks as I have departed with the canopy unlatched and the cowl flap in the 
wrong position on more than one occasion, so a checklist card mounted in the 
cockpit wouldn't be a bad thing.
-Jeff Scott
Cherokee Village, AR

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What do you have for a check list for preflight, engine start up, in flight
emergencies, landing, shut down, and parking (did I list everything?)? Are
they all in your head it on paper?

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