Larry said,

If you will be running a wood prop you IFR will be limited to popping
through a cloud bank or two. Rain could destroy the prop in a matter of


Unless you have a Prince or other wooden prop without leading edge
protection, that's absolutely not true. Sterba has carried me through
much rain without damage. Sensensich like Joe has I would guess this to
be also true.

I destroyed the leading edges of my gorgeous Prince prop going through
rain however, so it depends on the prop.


Like Mike said above, I have flown in rain quite a bit with wood props wihtout 
damage.  If you get one with a loaded Epoxy or a Urethane leading edge (which 
Ed Sterba offers)and a high quality epoxy finish, it will hold up to rain 
better than a metal prop.  But also like Mike, I creamed the leading edge on my 
Prince prop in the rain.  However, it was a simple home repair to rebuilt the 
leading edges.  Prince does now sell a hardened leading edge that can be flown 
in the rain.

While I don't have an instrument rating and have no intentions of getting one, 
it is my opinion that the KR really isn't a stable enough platform to be doing 
any kind of hard IFR work.  No doubt others will disagree, so take it for what 
it's worth, just my opinion.

-Jeff Scott
Los Alamos, NM

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