Hi Mark,

Yes  - I tend to overcomplicate.   

Could you expand/explain why this won’t help:
> http://www.greatplainsas.com/bf2004.html 
> <http://www.greatplainsas.com/bf2004.html> 

Its not the full Wasserboxer - just the head, just like the Rotax 912.

I keep reading that the VW is heat limited and heat stress the cause of many to 
most of its reliability problems.

I don’t know how true this is.  It makes sense, but I could imagine that 
perhaps multiple issues including poor manufacture tolerances, poor metallurgy, 
and just plain bad design contribute - perhaps.  

The Rotax 912 has developed a fantastic reliability reputation - pretty 
unexpected based on my experiences with Rotax in the early 80’s and the fact 
that it runs at 4-6K RPM through a PRSU.

Clearly new Rotax engines have WAY better manufacture tolerances, metallurgy, 
and fantastic design - clearly.  Ha.  

They reliably pull 100hp from that little engine - a feat that would melt our 

I really don’t have much experience with VW’s, but I’m trying to learn.  So 
fill us in on the water cooled heads.  

Perhaps I’m flogging a dead horse (or hp;-), but I’d love to see a reliable VW.


PS - I’ve ben reading the AreoVee forum. Ouch! Some pretty unhappy customers.  
Perhaps as you say, keep it simple and keep it Revmaster.


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> Owen wrote:
>> I've been struggling to come to terms with the reliability issues 
> common the VW conversions. It seems heat is the leading cause of many of 
> these problems.<
> Wasserboxer?  Bad news for the automotive world, and by corelation, 
> especially bad news for the aircraft world.   First question is how many 
> wasserboxers are flying?   I don't know of any, although I do know of 
> one that's almost ready to fly.  And for that matter, how many are still 
> driving around on the highway?
> Buy Revmaster if you want some semblance of reliability.  That's my 
> personal opinion.  I've been through a lot of heads (the Achilles heal 
> of air-cooled VW's), and the Revmasters have been a breath of fresh air 
> with respect to others......so far.
> Mark Langford
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