Hi Adam,

This forum don’t really support photos in order to avoid bloat.

However, you can easily share pictures by placing them in a photo album on the 
KRaircraft Yahoo group - and then pasting the link to them here on the forum.

The KRaircraft Yahoo group:

Go to the photos at:

and click on "+New Album”  (purple button top right)
Title and add some information on on what’s in the album, and then click on the 
"^Add Photos” button.

Click the “Personal” option to make it your album that only you can change.

Once you’ve picked the photos you want to share, click the purple “Post Photos” 

You can go back any time to edit the album of photos, adding, removing, or 
tilting photos.

You can get the link to the album simply by clicking on the album, then 
selecting and copying the link from the address bar at the top of your browser. 
Something like:

Copy and past these album links into messages on the forum.  

There are other more powerful photo sharing sites, but this one is free, pretty 
easy, and a “collected central” location for KR aircraft related photos.  
Additionally, while nothing is permanent in the Internet, the Yahoo Groups is 
about as close to it as I’ve found.   


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> I have been working on my build and these are my latest pictures of my push 
> rod conversion. 
> This setup will cover my ailerons and elevator. 
> Rudder will stay cable style. 
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> Adam Tippin
> A&P KR2S builder

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