Owen wrote:

> This forum don’t really support photos in order to avoid bloat.

The email list does support photos...I send one every few weeks or so
just to prove it.  The limit on a single email is about 250kB, and
depending on how wordy it is, words alone will eat up 10-20kB, so images
have to be down around 200kB each to ensure that one will make it
through the size filter.  That almost certainly requires shrinking the
photo to something reasonable like 800x600 dpi, and then compressing it
down to level 7 (out of 10).  This produces a still perfectly readable
image that is postable to the list.  People try to send 5MB files off
their smartphone several times a week, so if that filter weren't in
place, you'd all have full mailboxes and wonder why.  Some folks even
try to send 10 5MB files at a time! I don't mind small photos being in
the archive...that's what the archive and this list is for...capturing
and disseminating KR information.  All it takes (once you have
downloaded "Irfanview" or some other free software or phone app) maybe a
minute or two to shrink a large photo to something reasonable.  

All of this is described in the list rules, and there's a link to that
in the footer of every email that is sent to the list.  Apparently a 
lot of folks need to read it.  I've given up beating up people about the
list rules....I've got better things to do with my time....and it's
futile anyway!

Mark Langford, Harvest, AL
ML "at" N56ML.com

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