Regardless of where you fly you'll want flaps or speed brake for drag in the landing mode.  With sufficient drag 2000 feet should be quite doable for landing.  I suspect your takeoff roll will be equal to or exceed your landing requirement, depending on aircraft weight, obstacles, condition of turf (wet, dry, long, etc.).  On my last flight I asked the tower what my stop and turn around distance was and they replied 1750 feet.  That was on hard surface with a 6 mph mostly head wind and that was without extra effort and only moderate braking at the very end.  My over the numbers speed is 80 mph and I wheel land.  I'm heavy, 760 pounds empty, and have a 20' 8" RAF48 wing.  Longer wings, less weight, and slower landing speed should cut 300 feet or more off that distance.  I'd consider John's and Joe Weber's numbers closer to what you could expect.

Larry Flesner

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