First I thank everyone for their concern about my moms surgery today. She came 
through with flying colors. 

Next I would like to thank all of you who contacted me with projects for sale. 
I was amazed as I was contacted by 12 people who wanted to unload their 
projects. I have acquired a project which is a KR2S in the completed boat stage 
with spars built and a Corvair engine which is partly completed. I have also 
acquired a canopy and premolded 
forward deck and turtle deck for the 2S. I have landing gear, wheels, tires, 
brakes, calipers and wheel pants. All of this along with other parts I have is 
going to greatly reduce my build time. My goal is to fly my new 2S to the 2020 
gathering. I am also building a new web site for this project and I will 
release the web address soon. So look out KR heads as I am back in the game. 

Mark Jones 
Oldsmar, FL

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