Hey Guys, Got home from SNF about 10:00 last night. With stops for gas and 
meals it was about 10 hours of driving. Yes we drove, wanted to fly but would 
not have been able to get home with the weather sitting over Alabama. Had a 
good time and the weather down there was awesome. A little disappointed in the 
shortage of homebuilts but I'm sure the weather kept people from flying like it 
did me. The closest thing I saw to a KR was Bill Clapp promoting his Saberwing 
aircraft and Corvair engines. I see all the differing kits and think to myself, 
I could build that, Then I come to my senses and realize it's time to put some 
hours on the one I already have. Call me for lunch when the weather clears 

Mike Sylvester
kr2s builder

Cell no.205-966-3854
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