Just a quick update about me and my KR involvement. I recently bought
a set of NOS diehl wing skins and tail feathers to go with the
well-done KR1 fuselage, which was built in the late 70's by aircraft
tech's who worked at Fairchild in MD. It was stored in the hangar
since then. I bought that in June of 2016 (time flies).

The fuselage was built according to the plans, and has the original RR
retracts which I will most likely change out. If retained, they will
need to be strengthened and updated with hydraulic brakes for sure.

Also have all the instruments on hand and bought a new set of plans last year.

The plan as of now is to build it as original as possible. Would like
to use the original KR channel iron engine VW mounting to keep the
lines original, only with a direct drive magneto into a well in the
firewall as I recall reading 30 years ago in my paper newsletters that
the belt drive mag was not ideal (belts broke).

Also, the person I bought the skins from had implemented a very nice
pushrod elevator and aileron system which is pretty enticing idea.

As to the engine, a VW is appealing because it's original. I find the
BMW m/c conversions interesting as well as Corvair and even an O200,
although the latter two probably just more than needed for a KR1. As
slow as I work, I will have years to contemplate and see the various
engines at gatherings etc.

Still trying to establish a work space, and looking to move to a house
with a basement and a garage both. The project is 30 mins away now and
having it right at home would lead to a lot better progress.

Well maybe this will never get done but having a nice built fuselage,
plans, the skins, and all the instruments, is more than I had 2 years
ago which was "zero"!

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