Marc Miller wrote:

>Marc 520-241-2093 $4500.00

If you'd like to sell your KR, please list a lot more details,

Where it is
When it was built....and if it's not built, what all parts are included,
wings, canopy, instruments, cowling, brakes, wheels, etc.
What kind of engine, and who made it (VW, Revmaster, Great Planes,
O-200, Jabiru, etc.
Has it ever flown, and if so, how many hours

The information will reduce the number of people you have to deal with,
as most people are not willing to drive all the way across the country
to buy a KR.  Also, if you can't figure out how to reduce your photo to
a size smaller than 200K, state that "pictures are available" and you'll
send them to those who are interested.

And above all else, those who would like to reply, PLEASE REPLY OFFLINE!
 600 people do not need or want to watch your negotiations by email....

Mark Langford, Harvest, AL
ML "at"

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