Owen and all,
Yes, the ventral fin was installed to deal with prop wash and torque.  Studying 
what was available on the NACA pages through NASA gave me several ideas, 
extending the vertical stab, increasing rudder size, or adding a ventral fin.
The ventral fin is slightly forward of the vertical tail to better counter the 
corkscrew effect of propwash and allow the fin to be taller.  It works 
extremely well.  Golaith needs much less rudder in steep climbs, and cruise is 
straight as an arrow, regardless MAP setting.  It also has a positive effect on 
approaches to stall.  On the downside, fast descents/low power descents need 
rudder in the opposite direction, more so than before.
I suspect the fin would have a positive impact on spin resistance based on the 
plane's new approach to stall characteristics, BUT THE KR IS PROHIBITED FROM 
SPINS anyway.  No plan to test this theory out.
If I were to do it again, I would probably angle the fin 1-2 degrees LE right.  
That said, I love what is has done for the handling of the plane.
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I couldn’t review old emails from the archives - so I thought I just ask.

How does the ventral fin on Goliath work? Did you add it for directional 
stability or spin recovery?


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