On 6/1/2018 2:42 PM, ol' weirdo via KRnet wrote:
To those who are flying behind a O-200, what would one pay for a running
O-200 with 2000 plus hours?
Bill Weir

I'm no expert but having gotten burned on one purchase I'll share my scars with you.

I'd not go more than about $3500 to $4000 and then ONLY if the crank is , at minimum, serviceable.  That would be an engine with ALL accessories.  If the crank is no good you have maybe $1500 in parts you could sell, if anyone wants them.  If the old man I purchased from wasn't a bit senile, I'd have made an issue of it.  My mistake for not doing my homework.  No logs, red flag.  Could be hiding a prop strike.  Mine had .015 run out on the flange with a crack.  It is now a training aid at the local university.  If the crank is shot and they give you the engine you might come out o.k. but to purchase a $4500 crank and add your parts is not the way to start.  That cramp in my wallet is still a bit sore.

Larry Flesner

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