Travis,  you need to be very careful when you buy a EAB.  I have a friend in my 
EAA chapter. He didn't do his homework and now all he has is a static display.  
As a reminder this year's Gathering we will have Tim Hoversten from EAA 
headquarters and is building a KR-1.  He will be giving a fourm on the proper 
way to buy and sell a experimental airplane or project.  Here's a link from an 
article from EAA on this subject.
Paul ViskBelleville Il.618-406-4705
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Hi KR gang,

I'm interested in buying a KR, specifically Ken Thomas's which was linked
here a little while ago.

What in particular should I be on the lookout for during the pre-buy? The
plane will have a fresh annual. I know Ken widened and lengthened his KR,
did he change the height at all?


Look for good glue joints, well finished glass work, reasonably neat wiring, 
and good function of the controls.  Check the W&B and check out the engine.  
What you really want to do is open the plane up as if you were doing an annual 
inspection and look over everything you can.  If you don't know what you are 
looking at, it's worth your money to take someone along that does.
It would take a bit of surgery, but yes, you could remove the gull wing type 
canopy and door and replace with a full canopy.  You will need to build the 
canopy frame and install probably a dragonfly canopy plexiglass.  It can be 
done if that's what you really desire.
-Jeff Scott
Cherokee Village, AR

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