Seems like a good time to stir the muck and get a little hate from ya all.

How about having the KR Gathering at AirVenture?  I would be happy to help 

Yes - AirVenture is crowded and difficult - especially to fun fly during the 
event.  But it is also a central unifying event - one which attracts folk from 
all over the world - even New Zealand!  

Flying in/out of OSH is a little more challenging than an deserted mid-west 
uncontrolled field - but it is remarkably easy if you can read (notams) and 
have a radio.  

I (and most of us I am guessing) have to prioritize our free time and can only 
really make one big airplane event a year (if that). While I would love to 
attend a KR Gathering, I can not yet justify the costs in time and $ in light 
of the many other demands. 

IMHO greater attendance of a OSH KR Gathering and public exposure trumps 
bucolic. In addition to a wider audience, an AirVenture KR Gathering could more 
easily draw on outside expertise and attendees could learn from the 
unparalleled gathering of resources and vendors gathered at OSH.

Yes, the one or two KR’s  that show up at OSH don’t draw much interest, but I 
imagine that might be different with 10 or 20.

I am aware that the “choosing” mechanism for where to “Gather” is at the 
“Gather” and not here in a publicly available venue.  But I thought I’d just 
put it out there.  If the only “vote that counts” for choosing where to Gather 
is _only_ at the gathering, then it very neatly excludes the concerns of anyone 
not at the gathering (by definition). 

All that and I am not even going to make OSH this year.  But next year I will 
work on at least a KR meet up at OSH.

Owen Hughes

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